Welcome to IT GETS WEIRD

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

IT GETS WEIRD is a podcast dedicated to bringing you, our loyal audience, the finest journalistic coverage of current events that take a WEIRD turn. So many times, we are presented with only one perspective or another from the “lame-stream media” as if the only choices of reading a news story is from the left or from the right.   Here at IT GETS WEIRD, we like to investigate the hidden perspective of things when you look at a story as if it were a stereopticon card.  Two images, two perspectives, viewed at the same time can sometimes reveal the WEIRD lurking just beneath the surface of a story. Join us where other journalists dare not tread,  on our journey to where… IT GETS WEIRD.


Photo courtesy of Library of Congress: http://www.loc.gov/item/cwp2003000702/PP/ 

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